The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos Launches on Epic Games, Steam and GOG

An offbeat role-playing game featuring the voice acting of Felicia Day of The Guild fame, The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk is a light-hearted take on fantasy gaming. The tactical turn-based combat style should interest those wanting to get away from the constant mouse clicking featured in most Action RPGs these days, and the added sense of humor will keep the story from feeling like the same game you’ve been playing for the last decade.

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk features seven characters and centers around the exploration of a vast dungeon that starts as a simple cave and ends at the personal lair of the evil Zangdar. The RPG includes an adaptive combat system that will help newbies along while providing a challenge to those with more experience, while the game itself is littered with absurd situations including an area of the dungeon featuring a goblin ice skating park and a lively tavern.

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk is an adaptation of John Lang’s Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk audio adventure series and is available on Epic Games (PC), Steam (PC and Mac) and GOG. You can find out more about the game on the official website.