Where to Place Frost Traps in Rainbow Six Siege

Too often I see Rainbow Six Siege players choose Frost only to put her traps on the middle of the ground, easily visible and seemingly at random. Not that a trap out in the middle of a room can’t work, especially during the frenzied last seconds of a match, but if the opposing team can easily see Frost’s trap, the chances of it tricking one of them into stepping into it plummet. Frost is a great all-around operator. She has a useful ability, especially in the lower-tiers and mid-tiers of play, and her gun has very low recoil. And learning where to place Frost traps in Siege is essential to getting the most out of her.

The most common mistake I see with Frost is placing her trap right behind a barricaded door. This is especially true if the door leads to the objective. Players are at their most cautious when confronting a barricaded door, so putting the trap where it can easily be spotted isn’t ideal. Here are a few choice spots that work a little better:

Place the Frost Trap at the Top of Stairs

This placement is great because it is using the opposing player’s attention against them. Like barricaded doors, players become hyper-alert when going upstairs. However, in this instance, they are mostly focused on what is in the next room or down the hallway, so it is easier for them to miss the trap. The perfect placement is directly above the last step where the trap will almost blend in with the stairs themselves.

Put the Frost Trap Under Ground-Level Windows

Ground-level windows and any other window where the player can stand on the other side such as a balcony window are great spots for a Frost trap. Better players will automatically look down and shoot, but many players at the copper, bronze and silver tiers can be caught in it. To be extra sneaky, put the trap half under the window and half not under the window. This can make it harder to shoot for those who automatically shoot the floor when coming in through the window.

Hide the Frost Trap Behind a Shield

A standard use for the Frost trap is to place a shield in the doorway of the objective and place the Frost trap behind it. This can be especially effective in the last seconds of the match when the opposing team can get into a hurry to push into the room, and even if the player coming over the shield shoots the trap, it can give defenders and extra second to kill them.

Similar to putting the trap under a ground-level window, don’t put the trap directly behind the shield. Put it slightly off to one side so that those shooting the floor while coming over it have a chance to miss.

Put the Trap Just Around a Strategic Corner

This one requires knowledge of the map, but if you can put the trap in an area just around a corner where you know players are likely to come, you can catch them with their attention in front of them where they might easily miss the trap. A great example of this trick is the balcony in the garage of Club House. When the objective is on the second floor, opposing players can sometimes come through the garage. The top of those stairs is an obvious place for a trap, but a good secondary spot is just around the corner of the balcony as it reaches the money room. That spot is partially shielded from view, and with players hyperfocused on the window, it can easily be missed.

Place the Frost Trap Near the Defuser

I’ll sometimes keep a trap on me when playing Bomb just in case our team downs the person with the defuser. While you can’t place the trap right on the defuser, you can place it the likely path an attacker might take or partially hide it by placing it on the dead body of the attacker who held it. This trick works well later in the match when the attacker might be in a hurry to grab the defuser and rush the objective.

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